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Tech Education Systems

What is the Tech Education Systems

Tech Education Systems a new approach to Education systems

Tech Education system is a system which is scale on Aviation Industry so there are two systems which is works together one of them Hardware

There is a physically envaiurments usaslly this works like a labaratovary

one of them is software which is works with online platforms and both of them will use with globally and other peoples can see other universitys



Local Education Systems

The education system consists of various components such as universities, vocational institutions, and private educational organizations. Each of these operates independently, providing education within its own framework. Consequently, individuals may not recognize each other's deficiencies as everyone tends to provide education based on their subjective understanding of what is most correct.


Eksik Network

People are unable to communicate with their colleagues who are competent in areas where they themselves lack proficiency. This hinders both networking opportunities and the ability to create professional opportunities with peers. They rely solely on hearsay to learn about education systems from the other side of the world.

Bu web sitesi Tech Company Kuzey Kıbrısın Drone Takımı Yazılım birimi tarafından Baş Kaptana hazırlanmış ve Baş Kaptan tarafından Havacılık Kulübü oluşumuna hediye edilmiştir.

Web Sitesi Üzerindeki Tüm bilgiler yardım amaçlı olup esas teşkil etmektedir uyuşmazlık durumunda Girne Üniversitesi Kaynakları esas olacaktır.


Rekabetsiz Gelişim

"The competition creates quality" is a well-known phrase. However, when people receive education, they are unable to see their competitors and only compare themselves to others within their own network. This hinders personal development. Games excel at this by allowing global competition. Education should be global.

Let's develop the education system of the whole world together.

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How we will solve the this Problems

A single system will be installed in the laboratories of the institutions that will use our educational materials. Even individuals from the other side of the world will be able to see each other's and their universities' achievements if they use the same laboratory. They will be able to communicate with their colleagues like a social network.

Solve the Problems

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